Work, Worship, and the End of God’s Story – Personal Devotion Guide



The Bible tells a story, a grand story that begins with creation and ends with new creation. If we “get” the beginning in Genesis 1-2, and if we “get” the ending of God’s story in Revelation 21-22, we will be prepared to understand the rest of the story correctly.

This devotion guide has been written to help you grow for use in your relationship with God and to help you discover the difference God makes in your leadership. Each devotion in this guide includes a biblical passage (or passages), reflections on that passage, questions to consider, and a model prayer.

The Life for Leaders Guide Series helps you discover the difference that God makes in your life and leadership. Whether you lead in business, education, arts, government, media, volunteer work, church, or family. Life for Leaders will guide you into deeper biblical understanding and more faithful living. It will encourage you to communicate with God, both as a listener and as a prayer, so that you might engage with God in every part of life.


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